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12 products,  each additional product is $10.  

There is no monthly fee,  just the one-time setup fee.



We have a wide variety products to put your designs on and sell.

All products are produced in house, by actual printing professionals at our shop in Bradenton, FL


Customized Branding

You can customize the look and feel of your store with your own logoand header images

Make the store match your existing site or style.

Blind shipping on all store orders.


Safe and trusted

100% secure transactions with 256bit SSL Security.

Accepts PayPal payments as well.


Easily embed you store onto other sites.

Quickly add an online store to your existing website.

Display your stores on sites like Facebook.

Display your store anywhere you can post a snippet of code.


You are in control.

You control the prices and your profit.

You retain all rights to your designs.  We can delete your store or remove products at any time.


The best part - Getting PAID!

All items have a low base price. Seriously, like one tee with a full color print for $10.00.

You can add your markup in dollars or percentage.  We recommend a 40% markup across the board for everything.

Example: a basic white tee (Gildan Ultra Cotton) has a $10.00 base price, and colored tees are $13.60.  Add your 40% markup and make $4.00 per shirt or $5.44 per shirt on a colored tee. Nice, real nice.

Salty Printing pays store owners every month for the sales made the previous month.  Salty Printing only pays via PayPal.