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School identity, team spirit, and proudly supporting.

SaltyPrinting specializes in creating custom embroidered

and printed apparel for your favorite school!

Express and expose your school spirit further with a wide variety of

apparel, hats, specialty items, and more, under the Products section.

Let SaltyPrinting help YOU

With a range of premium wear (ex. cotton, or blend) and styles of apparel,

just contact one of our in-house associates to guide you through the selections,

the ordering process and/or custom design that fits your needs.

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Design Your Own

Ready to go with an existing hi-resolution logo or graphic art to upload?

Have an idea of your own custom text and shirt style or color?

Just want to explore options?

Then try our easy-to-use, do-it-yourself design tool.

Order immediately or get a quote based on your own selection and design.

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Create Your Own E-Shop … for FREE

A few, or perhaps a hundred, new students starting school?

Multiply a few, or several, shirts needed for each of those students?

Family and friends who want to show their support?

Repeat all of the above each year thereafter?

By creating a personalized webstore dedicated to your school,

without ever having to worry about taking orders and handling money,

is the way to a no-hassle repeat business for you.

Let SaltyPrinting receive, process and fulfill your orders, so that you don’t have to.

The choice is yours:

Personalized Webstore  : Open to the public to directly purchase your

school apparel and/or merchandise.

Re-ordering Webstore  : Private e-commerce between you and SaltyPrinting,

controlled by you, catering to your staffing and other internal needs.

Fundraising  : (propose to offer customer to choose certain products, a contest with student’s teacher selected, and specify event/cause. Like charity, giving to community, win-win.)

It’s all about Zero Inventory for you and quality service to you.

For more information, please visit Your Own E-Shop section.

Package Specials

Not sure where, or how many shirts, to begin with,

or looking to jump start your branding needs, then check out our Specials section,

for packages that add value and convenience.

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To see actual samples, selections and more, we invite you to visit our showrooms,

or please contact us below for more info.

No minimum orders. Fast turnaround time!

From creative design services to custom quality apparel,

from fulfillment to customer satisfaction,

here at SaltyPrinting. . .

We’ve got your back!